Should I Get a Psychology Degree?

Psychology, the science of observing and studying the processes of the mind, is one of the most popular majors in America. Humans have a natural curiosity to understand why we think and act the way we do, which is probably why a lot of people choose to study psychology in college. And pursuing a psychology degree is a wise choice, because the Bureau of Labor Statistics says the job field for psychologists and similar careers is going to increase more than the average rate of growth for other fields over the next 10 years.

Do people interest you?

If you are interested in studying why humans act the way they do, consider being a psychology major. A lot of people dream of becoming a psychologist, but a psychology degree opens the door to more opportunities than just that. Many jobs in the field are research-related, and often psychology majors end up going on to jobs/careers in fields such as social work, management and marketing. So while not every psychology major becomes a psychologist, the degree is valuable because of the knowledge and skills you gain about human communication.

Gain communication and research skills

Two things that a psychology major learns a lot about are communication and research skills. Undergraduate psychology degrees require research on personality, social psychology and learning theories, which help teach valuable skills that can be used in almost any kind of profession. No matter what career field you enter, one of the most important skills in the working world is the ability to communicate well with others. Being a psychology major helps build those skills, giving you a better understanding of why people act the way they do and maybe even predicting what they will do.

Going on to graduate school?

Another reason to choose a psychology major for your undergraduate studies is to provide a solid foundation for graduate school. An online psychology degree is just as valuable as one earned on campus, so if you don't have time to attend college full time, there is still an opportunity to earn a psychology degree and strive for graduate school.

A psychology degree can provide you with communication and research skills as well as knowledge of human behavior patterns. If you have a bachelor's degree and are willing to go to a little bit more school, good jobs as a counselor or a research analyst are available. If you have different career aspirations, the bachelor's degree is the first step toward graduate school and earning a doctorate in psychology.
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