Psychology Is More Than Just Clinical

It may be a difficult choice picking a specialty in the area of Psychology. Sub-specialties of psychology are a growing area. There are careers in psychology available for people who have a variety of interests. Three of the biggest specialty areas are clinical psychology, neuropsychology and counseling psychology. Clinical psychologists assess, diagnose and treat mental illness. They may work in a mental health center, hospital or have a private practice. Counseling psychologists treat patients with less serious forms of mental illness. Another popular field is Sports Psychology. Sports Psychologists help athletes keep their focus on reaching competitive goals.

If you're interested in the law and psychology, Forensic psychology may be the perfect area. Forensic psychologists are often employed in custody disputes, civil claims and lawsuits. Health Psychology is a rewarding area in the field. These professionals help patients reach their health goals like losing weight or quitting smoking. More and more universities are starting to offer degrees in Industrial-organizational psychology. This speciality focuses on behavior in the work place. They help employers with issues like deciding who to promote, and how to make employees happier.

Schools offer several opportunities for psychology majors. School psychologists are trained to help children, parents and teachers. Their focus is a collaborative effort dealing with behavioral problems, disabilities and academic issues. Art therapists often work at schools. Art therapists are trained in psychotherapy and art, and use both to help patients communicate.

Some of the lesser known specialties include geropsychology. Geropsychologists work with the growing population of older adults. The goal is keeping the elderly mentally and physically healthy. Recent economic problems have led to the growth in the area of consumer psychology. Consumer psychologists study how and why people purchase certain goods. We've all heard of road rage. It's not surprising that Traffic Psychology is a new field. Professionals in this area study driver behavior, traffic accidents and vehicle design.

Military Psychology emerged since the U.S. became involved in two recent wars. This specialty hosts a number of sub-specialties. Possible careers run the gamut from interrogating prisoners to offering mental health services to military families. Human factor psychology started during World War Two to study airplane safety. The specialty has grown to include the study of human error and human-computer interaction. It's apparent that psychology is a growing career field. And, people with varying interests and talents can find a rewarding career in psychology
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